The last two weeks of April were intense, trying to tie things down at work and then diving into the Clay Tour activities.  We've got our third year under our belts now and will meet soon to debrief and regroup. THANK YOU to everyone who shared a post, liked a post, showed up, came to look, or bought a piece.  Thanks for supporting your local artists!

For me, since I kind of work in a vacuum where my pottery is concerned (and like it that way - to an extent) it's always very nourishing to spend time with other potters I like and whose work I respect.  This year I took advantage of Amy Smith's expertise during a quiet spell while we were setting up to have a little discussion with her about my work.  It's always good to have another set of eyes, especially ones that are familiar with clay, and I'm feeling rejuvenated, looking forward to trying out some new things in my studio as a result of that conversation.  

Of course, the best rejuvenation is a week in the Sandhills, and were it not for the fresh air, exercise and rest of that last five days, I think I would still be hiding under the covers refusing to leave the house.  Going there brings me back to myself. Another cycle.

Respite - sitting on the bank listening to Plum Creek while Bryan hunts rocks.

But with that rest, I'm back at the beginning of the circle. So I'll work on those things I didn't have energy for last week:  laundry, budget, dishes, studio cleanup, etc. and do my best to remember to take time to sit outside, plant more flowers, and talk to my dear ones as I get ready to dive back in to the creative process.

But isn't ALL of life a creative process?